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    The way you want it to sound

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    Working with music is actually a lot like cooking; You may have all the right ingredients, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can prepare a great meal. Leave that to the chef.

    Sound of wool is an innovative recording solution located in southern Sweden. In collaboration with Tambourine Studios we offer high quality mixing, analog recording and mastering at very reasonable prices.

    A close and creative working environment ensure that the final result turns out...

    The way you want it to sound

  • Services

    Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to afford a good recording, mix or master. Check out our prices.

    * Analog and digital recording
    * Affordable mixing and mastering
    * Production, composition and arrangement
    * Help with marketing and social media

    Download our simple guide (PDF) that explains what you should consider before sending your tracks for mixing or mastering.

    We tailor the best possible solutions just for you, whether you're a professional musician or a beginner. If interested, feel free to contact us and describe your situation.

  • Price list

    Note that VAT (25%) will be added if you live in the EU. Outside EU, no VAT will be charged. Swedish prices 10€ = 110 kr

    1 song - 400€
    2-3 songs - 350€ / each
    4 or more songs - Price upon request

    1 track - 50€
    2-5 tracks - 40€ / each
    6 or more tracks - 35€ / each
    DDP - 60€

    At Tambourine Studios, Malmö - 500€ / day
    At your own studio - Price upon request.

  • References

    Sound of wool with Jon Rinneby in the lead has been working with a variety of artists:

    Nina Persson, Maxida Märak, Julkalendern i Sveriges Television, Maia Hirasawa, Crying day care choir, Nick Borgen, Kvinnoorkestern, Sofia Karlsson, Vit päls, Medborgarbandet, HARVIG, Loljud, Dalaplan, Erik Elias, Annasara Lundgren, Hanouneh, Finis Mundi, Cim Frode, Kluster, Ensamhushåll, Golden Kanine, Christine Owman, Post-Sun-Vision, Turn off your television, Tall dark strangers, Emerald park, Apolonia, New Partner, Majken, Roadkill and rainbow, Joakim Andersson, The hyper actives, The Culture In Memoriam, Cactai Road, Alabama moonshine, Pingvinorkestern, Luftkapellet, Grant Creon and many more...

    "Great production!!!! It sounds amazing!! - Jose Lopez, Northwestmastering

    "Fantastic! Great sounding mixes!" - Brad Martin, 12 Gauge Microphones

    "I really like the track it is rockin'!! I like the sound of the mix" - Jeff Reeves, Masterdesk
  • Gear

    Many years of experimentation have led to our hassle free and highly creative working environment:

    * Hardware: PSI A17-M monitors, Burl Bomber B2 ADC, Dangerous Source DAC, Avantone Mixcubes, RME 400, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (mobile studio), Akg 701, NAD Viso HP50, Beyerdynamic DT770, UREI 1176 custom built, Warm Audio TB12, Golden Age Pre-73 fully modified, VintageVoice MJE-v250, Electro-Voice N/D868, Copperphone, Guage 12 microphones, Beyer m-201 (vintage), Shure Unidyne III (vintage), Shure KSM32, IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155, Vox ac15, many old and new guitars and much more...

    * Software: Reaper 5, Sly-Fi, Klanghelm, PSP, Zynaptiq, Softube, Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Slate Digital, Sknote, Kazrog, Valhalla...

  • Listen

    Sound of wool is a multifaceted studio, where each step in the creative process is equally important:

    * Crying Day Care Choir - Recording, mixing, mastering
    * Jeanette Sollén - Mixing, mastering
    * Hanouneh - Mixing, mastering
    * Tawasul - Mixing and mastering
    * Luftkapellet - Recording, mixing and mastering
    * Ensamhushåll - Recording, mixing and mastering
    * I am super ape - Recording, mixing
    * Vit Päls - Recording, mastering
    * Dalaplan - Recording, mixing
    * Kungahuset - Mixing, mastering
    * Funked up - Mixing, mastering
    * The Hyper Actives - Mixing, mastering
    * Ash and Iron - Mastering

  • Record label

    Although we mainly focus on recording, mixing and mastering, we also run a small independent label on the side. Sound of wool works with a very special selection of artists in various genres. This is music that we really care about and that makes us want to continue to do what we do.

    * Turn off your television
    * Good morning spider
    * Jeanette Sollén
    * SEK

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    If you have any questions regarding recording, mixing or mastering, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/soundofwool

    Check out our favorable prices.

    Be sure to download our simple guide (PDF) that explains what you should consider before sending your tracks for mixing or mastering.

    Jon Rinneby
    Solvedenvägen 17
    441 60 Alingsås, Sweden
    +46 70 818 74 93